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  Well, during the last few evenings, I have managed to start a project that has been on my mind for many years; a reference site for hobby electronics enthusiasts. Have a look and let me know what you think:
Electronics Reference Library
When I worked at Tektronix in the 1970's I built a lot of my own test equipment, including power supplies, signal generators, and even a small oscilloscope. I currently own a nice Tek 454 (150Mhz portable).
Several folks have sent me email regarding parts, manuals, etc. for Tek 454 scopes. Accordingly, I have created a page about these scopes, to pass on some sources of parts, help, and advice.  Bill's Tektronix 454 Info Page.

Electronics students of all ages: check out my Free Stuff program.

I have a lot of 8031/32/51/52 based microcontrollers, and have recently also started to use the Microchip PIC series, especially the Basic Stamp 1 and 2. If you don't need every nanosecond of throughput, the Basic Stamp is the way to get something running very quickly.
The PIC and Basic Stamp microcontrollers have caught the imagination of many hardware hackers and there is a lot on the net about them. Here is a partial list:
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