Bill & Mike's Transport Tycoon Tips and Tricks

About Cities

Making Cities Grow

Cities are an important part of the Transport Tycoon game. You need large, economically active cities to provide passenger and mail traffic, and to consume goods from the manufacturing operations.

We recommend investing a little time and money in city growth right at the beginning of the game. Set up a small (2 or 3 stop) bus route in each of the cities that you regard as important. Later, as the game progresses, these cities will grow faster than the cities that you have ignored.

Getting Permission

If you make too many changes (terrain or infrastructure) near to a city, the city council reduces your approval level. You need certain approval ratings in order to perform operations within city boundaries. The table below summarizes these approval ratings and permissions:

Approval Level Action Allowed
Excellent Destruction of Church
Excellent Destruction of Football Field
Good Destruction of Large Building
Mediocre Destruction of Small House
Poor Build or Replace Station
Any Build Track or Road

There are only two ways to increase your approval rating: plant trees, or wait. If you are in a hurry, start planting trees around the city. We recommend that you watch your approval rating as you do this, so that you don't go to far. You can only plant trees on empty land or on farm land, so you may be limited. Only plant as many trees as it takes to get back to the necessary approval level. By the way, we have never been able to get above "good" by planting trees. To get "excellent" you'll just have to wait.

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