Bill & Mike's Transport Tycoon Tips and Tricks

Money Saving Tips

Plant Trees
It costs quite a bit to destroy a section of farm land. You'll find yourself doing this again and again as you build roads and railroads. If you want to save some money, try planting trees on all of the squares that you need, then building your road or railroad on them. Even though the trees destroy the farm land, they are very cheap to plant. When you destroy a tree in order to build something, it is also quite cheap.

Plan Ahead
It really costs a lot of money to fill in water to make land. You won't need to fill in as much water if you plan ahead. Before you start implementing a track or a road from point A to point B, zoom way out and look for the best route. Identify the tight squeezes and difficult bridging areas first. Go there and build the tunnel, bridge, or section of right-of-way that is most critical. Then connect everything up.

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