Bill & Mike's Transport Tycoon Tips and Tricks


We like to take the long view. It is best to spend money on good routes, good equipment, etc. Spend as much as you can afford. Build up your cities soon. Update to faster equipment when ever you can afford it.

Start With Trains
In the early days (before you can buy good airplanes) trains are the best money makers. Don't spend a lot of money on making absolutely level and straight routes. Just get a reasonable track from point A to point B. You can improve the routing later as the traffic gets heavy.

Find a coal mine and a generating station that are near each other but not too close. Build a line between them. Make sure to set the coal train to load fully before leaving the coal mine. Now you have an automatic revenue generator.

Look over the cities that you plan to serve, and pick out some pairs that have about the same traffic potential. Build passenger lines between them. A single track line with a passing track in the middle will let you run two trains.

Put an enginehouse at each station. Trains develop a strong need for service, and will do anything to get to an enginehouse. It can be really aggravating to see a train arrive in a station, then without dropping passengers, leave and go to the other end of the line to get to an enginehouse. Then, of course, the train must come all the way back to let off the passengers and get a new load. Lots of wasted time with no earnings!

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