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The Hawaiian Islands where we go for Christmas vacation.

Hi. I'm Pam Bowler. I am the beloved and ornery daughter of Bill Ben Beste and Wyn Bowler. I am also the sister of the wonderful, funderful Mike Den Beste. Enough with the family, on to the interesting things in my life. Now for the real news:

I am currently working at Nature's in Beaverton. I plan on moving to Eugene to live with Jessica Perkins. Presently, I am enrolled for one class, chemistry, at PCC.

Being 21 has some advantages, but it is not the big deal that every young person thinks it is. The only thing that it has done for me is to make my life more convenient.

This past summer was hard because I was working full time, and I was going to school in the morning. I took one full year of Spanish in 9 weeks. That required that I be in school every weekday for three hours. As a reward my mother is going to take me to Mexico with her for 2 weeks in February.

My e-mail address is:

I saw Balancing Rock at Arches National Park.