About Stan Griffiths
  Stan Griffiths I had a long and successful career with Tektronix beginning in 1960 and ending in 1989. There was a 3 year break in it from 1966 to 1970 during which time I was one of the founders of a service company in Los Angeles, CA that specialized in servicing only Tektronix instruments. At Tektronix, I was involved in the checkout of new instruments on the production line or the servicing of field returns from 1960 through 1966. My later jobs at Tektronix included Sales Engineer in the Boston, MA area and later, first level management in Service Support where service plans for new instruments being introduced by Tektronix were developed. I also sold microwave Spectrum Analyzers for Tektronix in the Pacific Northwest from 1980 until my retirement from Tektronix in 1989.
  Type 511 In about 1985, I had the opportunity to acquire about a dozen old tube-type Tek scopes from a local university. I fixed some for the university and they gave me the rest as payment. I found I really enjoyed fixing up the old scopes that I knew and remembered so well from my previous jobs at Tek, and decided I would start a small collection of classic Tektronix scopes and plugins.
Since that time, my collection has gone completely out of control and now, in 1998, numbers over 500 instruments, most of them older than 1970. About 60 of them are restored to museum condition. About 200 of them are planned restorations, and the rest are either spares, which I will fix and sell to other collectors, or parts instruments which will be sacrificed to fix other instruments. I have also amassed a LOT of parts that can be used for the repair and restoration of other instruments. Please see the section of this web site that lists some of the spare parts I have for sale.
  Type 511 The long term plan for my collection is to eventually find a location where it can be put on display for public viewing. Guests are welcome to view the collection now which resides in my 7 car garage at my home. You need to call first to verify that I will be available to personally conduct a tour.
Stan Griffiths, W7NI
18955 S.W. Blanton Street
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Phone: (503) 649-0837