Selecting and Restoring a Classic
By Stan Griffiths - W7NI
  This book is written for the electronics swap meet or surplus shopper. It gives the buyer of a classic Tektronix oscilloscope enough information about Tektronix scopes and plug-ins made from 1947 to 1969 to avoid buying an instrument that is useless, incomplete, or unrepairable. There are written descriptions and pictures of more than 230 different instruments. Each instrument description includes the year the instrument first appeared in a Tektronix catalog and the last published U.S.D. (U.S. Domestic) price it sold for before going out of production. Probably even more valuable to you is the author's estimate of what each instrument, in good condition, is worth on 1992's (U.S.A.) surplus equipment market. The author is the first to admit that prices will vary considerably and a potential buyer may refuse to pay $50 for an instrument while at the same time refuse to sell one he owns identical to it for $500.
  Restoring a Classic Included in the instrument descriptions are reminders that certain instruments must come complete with interconnecting cables or special accessories if the buyer expects to use the scope as it was originally intended. There is a very complete chapter on how to clean these instruments with soap and water and other solvents so that they will look like new.
Also included is information on what to take along when you go shopping and how to run some tests on the swap meet floor to help ensure that basic pieces like the cathode ray tube are still good. You will also get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of some people in the U.S. who have parts and services available when you get into restoring your classic oscilloscope. An extensive glossary will help you understand the language of oscilloscopes if terms like "dual trace" and "dual beam" seem to mean the same thing to you.
  A few early buyers of the book have wished for more specific trouble shooting information but were not willing to give up any of the information contained in the 384 pages. Book buyers will often send specific questions in with their order and usually get a couple of pages of free advice directly from the author.
  The author, Stan Griffiths, W7NI, spent more than 26 years working at Tektronix. Two years were spent in the Manufacturing Test Department where he checked and calibrated new 530 and 540 series mainframes. He then spent 5 years as a Field Maintenance Engineer where he calibrated and repaired everything Tek made from 511's to complex sampling systems and television test equipment. After that, he worked several years as a Tektronix Sales Engineer and then spent some more time back at the plant in Service Support where service plans were developed for many of the instruments found in the surplus market today. It is safe to say that Stan is truly an expert on the subject of restoring early Tektronix equipment and his personal collection of more than 500 early Tektronix instruments is the proof.
  You can easily save the cost of this book on your first purchase of a classic Tektronix instrument by following the guidelines Stan gives you for avoiding the "wrong instrument".
  "Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Restoring a Classic" is available directly from the author by mail:
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