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  Price List as of August 7, 2003
  These devices are new old stock, pulls, or otherwise good, but are not new retail.   Warranty limited to exchange of purchased part for like replacement.   Intended for hobby, ham radio, model railroad, or other non-commercial applications only.   Pre-packaged in anti-static bags.   'Per Bag' indicates number of devices per bag.   'Price' is per bag.
  Device Description Package Per Bag Price   Qty (via PayPal)  
  LF351 JFET OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  LM2903 Dual Comparator 8 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  LM3080 Transconductance OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $2.50  
  LM311 Comparator 8 pin DIP 5 $1.00  
  LM324 Quad OpAmp 14 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  LM358 Dual OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  LM741 OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $1.25  
  MC1456 OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  MC34071 OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $1.50  
  NE5534 Low Noise OpAmp 8 pin DIP 5 $2.00  
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