Our Trip to Africa - July 2003

Thumbs/tn_hippos keeing their young warm.jpg
hippos keeing their young warm.jpg
Thumbs/tn_fish eagle.jpg
fish eagle.jpg
Thumbs/tn_green water snake.jpg
green water snake.jpg
Thumbs/tn_elephant walk.jpg
elephant walk.jpg
Thumbs/tn_nyala male and female.jpg
nyala male and female.jpg
Thumbs/tn_giraffe in road.jpg
giraffe in road.jpg
Thumbs/tn_giraffe in bush.jpg
giraffe in bush.jpg
Thumbs/tn_elephants heading towards the chobe river.jpg
elephants heading towards the chobe river.jpg
Thumbs/tn_nyala females.jpg
nyala females.jpg
Thumbs/tn_giraffe in the distance.jpg
giraffe in the distance.jpg
Thumbs/tn_lions enjoying the day.jpg
lions enjoying the day.jpg

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