Low Voltage Regulated Power Supplies  
  Every electronic circuit needs a source of one or more DC power supply voltages. Sometimes you can power your circuit from a couple of D cells or a 9V transistor radio battery. Other circuits may require several voltages, or a high enough current to rule out batteries. In this case, you'll need to build a power supply that accepts line voltage as input, and generates the voltages you need as the output.
If your circuit is simple, and not particularly sensitive to power supply voltage, you should consider using a wall wart as a supply. (Wall warts are modules that plug directly into an AC wall socket and output low voltage AC or DC.) If you want or need a better quality supply, then consider building one using this page as a recipe.
Designing and building a low voltage regulated power supply is not particularly difficult. This page contains circuit configurations for single and multiple voltage supplies. These supplies can be customized for a wide range of output voltages and load currents. The basic operation of these supplies is explained. Recipes are given for selecting the appropriate devices for a particular voltage and current situation. Construction details, especially those related to safety and reliability are also discussed.
  Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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