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  Electricity - Atoms and Molecules Teacher's Notes  
  To explain Electricity we need to look deeply inside of everyday objects to consider their primary ingredients. (We'll keep this brief and simple so as not to bore you.)
  As you probably know, everything in the world, whether solid, liquid, or gas, is made up of atoms. Each atom contains some number of electrons, protons, neutrons, and other sub-atomic stuff. The nucleus (central region) of each atom contains the protons (positive charge) and neutrons (no charge). Electrons (negative charge) live in a cloud around the outside. Since electrons and protons are charged particles, each atom prefers to have the same number of electrons as protons.   atom  
  molecules   Atoms of one or more types are organized into molecules. There are only a hundred or so types of atoms, but there are an almost infinite number of different molecules. Molecules are the building blocks from which all real objects are made.
The changing picture to the left shows some simple molecules that you have probably heard of. Molecules are not always so simple. Some organic molecules (like those in our bodies) can comprise hundreds of atoms.

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