Bill's Tektronix 453 and 454 Info Pages
  Input Attenuator Balance
When you change the Volts per Division switch on either input channel, the 0 Volts point should remain at the same position on screen. To check this, set the input coupling switch to "Gnd", position the trace at the center using the vertical position knob, then rotate the Volts per Division switch through several settings. If the trace moves up and down, you need to adjust the attenuator balance.
To adjust the attenuator balance, perform the following steps:
  • Set the Vertical Mode to Channel 1
  • Set the Input Coupling to "Gnd" (Channel 1 & Channel 2)
  • Set the Volts per Division to 20mV (Channel 1 & Channel 2)
  • Position the trace to mid screen using the Channel 1 Position Knob
  • Alternate the Channel 1 Volts per Division switch between 20mV and 5mV
  • Adjust the Channel 1 Step Attenuator Balance (front panel - screwdriver adjust) to obtain minimum movement between Volts per Division settings. The spec for a new instrument is 0.1 divisions or less.
  • Using the corresponding controls and adjustments, repeat this adjustment for Channel 2.

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