Bill's Tektronix 453 and 454 Info Pages
  Use the Correct Probe!
High bandwidth scopes such as the 453 and 454, require matching high bandwidth probes. The original probes for the 454 were the model P6047. With other probes, the performance may be reduced, as shown in the following table:
Tektronix 454 Bandwidth Vs. Sensitivity Vs. Probe Type
Volts Per Div using P6047 using P6045 using P6048
20mV to 10V 150Mhz 130Mhz 100Mhz
10mV 100MHz 95MHz 75MHz
5mV 60Mhz 58MHz 45MHz

  If you must use a replacement probe, get the highest possible bandwidth, and make sure that the probe is compatible with the input characteristics of your instrument.
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