Bill's Tektronix 453 and 454 Info Pages
If you own or are considering buying a Tektronix 453 or 454 scope, you need to know about these folks:
  Name email Call Sign Phone Can Help With  
  Stan Griffiths W7NI (503) 649-0837 Older Tek scopes and parts
Some manuals for Tek instruments
  Deane Kidd W7TYR (503) 625-7363 Many parts for Tek instruments
Many manuals for Tek instruments

  Stan worked at Tek for many years (26+). He is building a complete collection of fully restored Tek instruments. He also buys and disassembles Tek scopes for parts. If he has what you need, he will sell it to you for a reasonable price. Stan sells a book (that he authored) called "Oscilloscopes - Selecting and Restoring a Classic". This book describes all Tek scopes prior to the 7000 series. If you own anything Tektronix, I recommend you get a copy.
Deane worked at Tek for many many years (41+). He has a basement full of parts for Tektronix instruments. He also has a large storage building full of parts and manuals. He will sell you anything that he has to help you get your instrument working.
Stan and Deane are both great guys. Neither one is trying to get rich by hoarding and selling rare stuff. I suggest that you contact either one or both if you need help with a Tektronix instrument. I also suggest that you use common courtesy and let them know you appreciate their help.
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