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Recently someone sent me email about their "completely dead" 453. When you have a completely dead instrument, the first thing to check is the AC line fuse (of course). After that, you need to start checking power supply voltages. As an aid to that checking process, here is a table of 453 power supplies, showing the nominal voltage, allowed minimum and maximum voltages, and a test point where that supply can be measured.
453 Power Supplies and Test Points
Supply Minimum Maximum Test Point
+150V N/A N/A Low-Voltage Regulator Board - Pin Q
+75V +74.925V +75.025V Low-Voltage Regulator Board - Pin B
+12V +11.988V +12.012V Low-Voltage Regulator Board - Pin D
-12V -11.988V -12.012V Low-Voltage Regulator Board - Pin G

The Low-Voltage Regulator board is located on the top of the instrument, at the right-rear. Here is a picture of that board, showing test points and adjustments:
Low Voltage Regulator
453 Low Voltage Regulator Board

More to be added here...
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