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Your Authors: Bill and Stan
Bill Den Beste and Stan Griffiths - W7NI have collaborated on this site for the benefit of all users, collectors, and others that appreciate vintage Tektronix oscilloscopes and accessories. We're old friends, having worked together many years ago in the Tektronix Measurement Systems Division.
About Stan Griffiths:
Stan Griffiths Stan had a long and successful career with Tektronix beginning in 1960 and ending in 1989. Stan was involved in the checkout of new instruments on the production line and the servicing of field returns from 1960 through 1966. From 1966 to 1970 Stan was one of the founders of a service company in Los Angeles that specialized in servicing only Tektronix instruments. Later jobs at Tektronix included Sales Engineer in the Boston area, and then first level management in Service Support, where service plans for new instruments were developed. Stan's last role at Tektronix was selling microwave Spectrum Analyzers in the Pacific Northwest region. Stan retired from Tektronix in 1989.
Stan has an extensive collection of Tektronix instruments, most manufactured before 1970. About 60 of them are restored to museum condition, with another 200 selected for restorations, and the rest set aside as spares and parts sources.
About Bill Den Beste:
Bill Den Beste Bill started at Tektronix in 1968 as a summer intern, calibrating 560 series and 453 scopes. He later joined Tek component engineering as an IC evaluator. Bill coordinated the purchase of an S-3260 test system from Measurement Systems Division, and eventually had to finish building the system himself, when MSD found itself over committed and under-staffed. After the system was completed and delivered to IC evaluation, Bill moved to MSD, where he held positions in marketing, engineering management, and eventually in European sales and support.
Bill left Tektronix in 1979 to start his own software development company. He is now the owner and president of Reprise, Inc., the host of this site.
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