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Before You email Us
Your emails are welcome, but before you send us a message, you should read this page. We receive the same questions again and again, and most of the answers are already on this site. Why waste our time and wait several days for our response, when you can find the information you are looking for right now?
Here are some of the more common questions we are asked, and the answers or appropriate reference materials:
  • Can you please send me schematics for my scope?
    We do not provide free schematics, because they are very complex and only useful in the context of an entire service manual. If you don't have a service manual for your scope, you should get one right away. (See next question)
  • Where can I get a service manual for my scope?
    Tektronix service manuals are worth their weight in gold. They contain complete schematic diagrams, circuit descriptions, calibration instructions, and operating instructions. In short, everything you need to know about using and maintaining your scope is in the service manual. Used Tektronix service manuals are often sold on ebay. A number of individuals sell these manuals as well. They are listed on the following page of our site:
    Sources for Tektronix Manuals
  • I need a probe for my scope. Which probe will work with my model?
    We get this question a lot. The answer depends on many factors, including your scope type, your needs, your budget, and availability of probes. Choosing a scope probe is covered on the following page of our site:
    Choosing A Probe for Your Scope
  • Where can I get repair parts for my scope?
    Bill Den Beste does not have parts for sale. Stan Griffiths does. Stan and other folks who sell parts are listed on the following page of our site:
    Parts sources for Tektronix scopes

If you have a question that was not covered above, then please go ahead and send us an email:
Bill Den Beste and Stan Griffiths
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