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Type 547 Welcome to Bill and Stan's Tektronix Resource Site. This site is dedicated to the premise that old is not automatically bad. Sometimes, old is good, even better than new. Especially these days, when new has come to mean cheap, throw-away, and un-repairable.
Type 454 Tektronix has been in the test and measurement instrument business for over 50 years. They virtually invented the oscilloscope. Most of the features and refinements that we take for granted today appeared first in a vintage Tektronix scope.
There are many older Tektronix instruments that, with a little care and restoration, are just as useful as the latest and greatest. Knowing what you have or need, and how to use it, are often more important than having the "very latest".
Type 575 We share an appreciation for the technology, craftsmanship, and innovation that we encountered during our time at Tek. Like others, we're not sure that time has been kind to those values in the test and measurement industry. The throw-away products of today don't have the same durability or appeal that we saw in the past, even though they sometimes perform better and cost much less then previous products.
At this site, we are creating and collecting the information necessary for the successful restoration, repair, and use of older Tektronix equipment. We hope that you find this site useful. If so, let us know. Suggestions for additional content are also welcome.
Bill Den Beste and Stan Griffiths
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