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Like any large corporation, Tektronix has always had its share of jokers and comedians. With such a large population of engineers and scientists, the humor was often subtle or technology related.
Much of this humor was spontaneous and unrecorded, never making its way into the public arena. One notable exception, documented here, was a small series of cartoons, appearing in various instrument manuals. Certainly customers all over the world discovered these bits of Tektronix humor, and were thus brought closer to the Tektronix community and spirit of fun.
Our collection is certainly not complete... we don't have any way of knowing about every such cartoon ever drawn. We don't even have copies of all the cartoons we know about, though we're working on it. If you have additional cartoons, information, anecdotes, or other such information that might add to this page, please let us know:
Bill - or - Stan

Here's our collection of Cartoons appearing in Tektronix Instrument Manuals:
Race Car
The 535A/545A Race Car

Washer Woman
The 564 Washer Woman

The 7A26 Cowboy

The 454 Wizard

The 184 Disabled Man

Rest In Peace
May the 2942
Rest In Peace

External Sync
The 2942 External Sync

The 184 Slow Sign

The 502A Mountain Climber


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