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High Voltage Transformer
547 HV transformers are known to have a common failure mode. As this transformer ages, the potting material seems to get increasingly lossy. This causes the high voltage circuit to become less and less efficient, as more of the total energy goes into heating the potting material, and less goes into high voltage output. Eventually the potting material becomes so lossy that the HV oscillator can no longer supply enough power to maintain oscillation.
If your 547 has a high voltage transformer problem, you can search for a replacement from several types of instrument (the 543B, 544, 545B, 546, and 547 all use the same HV transformer). But, since we believe that this failure mechanism is directly linked to the age of the transformer, we're not sure that replacement is the way to go. You may find yourself replacing a bad transformer with an equally bad substitute!
A more attractive alternative is to have your existing transformer rebuilt. Bill Schell, of Orlando Florida rebuilds Tektronix high voltage transformers. As of our last contact with Bill, he was charging $50.00 per transformer. Having used one of his products, we can recommend Bill without reservation. The rebuilt transformer worked well and looked good too.
Here's the contact information:
    Bill Schell, AA4AY
    10102 Winder Trail
    Orlando, FL 32817
    Phone (407) 282-4289

While $50.00 isn't cheap, a good working 547 is worth much more. If you decide to try Bill's service, tell him Stan Griffiths sent you!
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