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  CRT to Instrument
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CRT to Instrument
If you have a Tektronix CRT part number and would like to see a list of all Tektronix instruments that your CRT will fit, use this section.
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Instrument to CRT
If you have a Tektronix instrument model number, and would like to see a list of all Tektronix CRT's that will fit your instrument, use this section.
Enter Tektronix instrument number here:

How to Use This Page
If you have an oscilloscope that needs a new CRT, you may be able to buy the CRT you need, but often you'll need to consider purchasing a junker instrument to get the CRT. If you find yourself in this situation, you can make a list of all candidate instruments using the following strategy:
  1. Enter your scope number in the lower form (Instrument to CRT). Make a list of all CRT part numbers that would work in your instrument. Make sure you like the phosphor type, etc. of each CRT you add to your list.
  2. One by one, enter each of the CRT numbers from your list into the upper form (CRT to Instrument). Make a second list of all instruments that use each type of CRT. Note that there will be a lot of duplication from one CRT type to another.
  3. Any instrument type from your second list is now a candidate source for a CRT that will work in your scope.

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