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Mainframe scopes that are full - ones that sell with plug-ins and are in working condition can sell for prices that vary all over the map, according to the plug-ins that were included. These are mainly the 5000 and 7000 series scopes. No attempt has been made to distinguish which 7854 sold with 400 Mhz plug-ins and which one sold with 75 Mhz plug-ins. Those prices are all lumped into the average. Presumably, you know what you're doing when you shop for this class of instrument.
Mainframe scopes that are empty - the working ones all seem to sell for prices that are fairly close together. The "for parts only" units sell at the bottom end of the range and their prices are also close together. Complete mainframe scopes are listed separate from empty mainframe scopes. Again, this applies mainly to the 5000 and 7000 series scopes.
500 series scopes - no attempt has been made to distinguish prices of "A" versions from prices of "B" versions, or mainframe type scopes with and without plug-ins. So any prices for 545A and 545B scopes, whether they had plug-ins or not, are all lumped into the 545 category. There does not appear to be any price variation for different versions. Mainframes with plug-ins seem to sell for about the same as ones without plug-ins. Empty ones sometimes sell for more than full ones!
Plug-ins and Probes - again, no distinction is made for "A" or "B" versions where applicable. The price data contains numbers for "parts only" units as well as good working ones. The "parts" units sell at the bottom end of the range. Note that units sold in pairs generally sell for a lower average price than single units do. So you generally get a better deal buying two P6xxx probes as a lot, compared to buying two of the same probes in different, separate auctions. Any device that plugs-into another device is a plug-in. So even though the SC-502 is a scope, you'll find it in the "Plug In" listings because it plugs into a TM-5xx frame.
Data courtesy Phil Turcotte VA3UX

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