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Customer Story

How Troops Increased Product Engagement by 5x

Troops needed to dramatically improve time to value for their prospects at the top of the funnel. By leveraging Reprise Replays, they were able to craft a guided product tour experience that showcased the entire Troops solution — delivering value to prospects before they ever spoke to sales.

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The Problem

A complex, difficult buyer journey

Scott Britton and Troops had too much friction in their sales process. And as co-founder of one of the up-and-coming leaders in the sales automation space, Britton knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a sales process easier and more seamless. Troops is a powerful Salesforce automation tool that plugs directly into Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing users to pull configurable info from their CRM platform into their daily workflows and update CRM data with the ease of a spreadsheet. The result is that sales reps spend less time hopping between the various technology systems they use to sell, and more time, well, selling.

But even as an executive at an organization whose mission is to make sales processes overwhelmingly easier, Britton was experiencing the new reality of B2B buying: The customer journey is hard for all parties involved. In fact, according to Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers say that their latest purchase was “very difficult” or “complex.” 

A major catalyst for this sea change is that customers now want to see, feel, and interact with products early and often in the sales process, before ever engaging with a salesperson. To meet this growing demand, Troops sought a platform that would allow them to easily configure and deliver the product demos that prospects were seeking, and ultimately shorten the sales cycle.

The Solution

An engaging, interactive product tour that delivers real value

In Reprise, Britton saw an opportunity to allow prospects to interact with the Troops product on their own terms. By signing on as a Reprise customer in late 2020, the Troops product marketing and demand generation teams quickly created an interactive product tour without needing to code anything. Troops added the product tour as a prominent call-to-action on its homepage and provided a new way for prospects to experience what it would be like to use Troops, explore customer use cases, and see themselves as Troops customers – all before ever interacting with a member of the sales team.  

“Our buyers – and the market – want to see and feel a product, and really experience it before making a purchasing decision,” Britton told Reprise. “That’s really where we can show the power of what we do and how we can help their specific business.”

The Results

Better engagements lead to more informed conversations

Since becoming a Reprise customer, Troops has seen a remarkable 5x increase in engagement with the primary product tour CTA on their website. Session times on their product tour are also 2x longer than their video content. And ultimately, they’ve seen a direct correlation between that increased engagement and the overall health of their sales pipeline.

“Reprise has really resulted in two things: One, an increase in sales pipeline by making more people want to convert and have conversations with us,” Britton explained. “The second is that when someone comes in and has that conversation, a lot of the time they’re more informed. They might have already gone through the product, seen how it works, and seen how it helped them.” 

“What you can expect [with Reprise] is more conversions from visitors on your website, better conversations, and, in many instances, faster sales cycles,” he continued. “For us, we’re very, very happy that we made that investment.”

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