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Product-Led Growth From An Inside Sales Perspective

In Episode 5 of Full-Funnel Coffee Talk, Jenn Steele sits down with Morgan Freeland, GM of Inside Sales at Icertis. Morgan talks about how the role of inside sales has evolved and shares his thoughts on product-led growth.


  • Why the Power of PLG is Undeniable.
  • That PLG Does Not Mean the Death of Sales Teams.
  • Why Great Sales Demos Prioritize the Customer.
  • And More.


00:00 - Intro
1:53 - How the inside sales motion has changed over the years
6:13  - Why it’s hard to refute the effectiveness of going product-led
10:05 -  What top-performing sales demos look like
13:17 - Advice for sales leaders selling to enterprise

Full-Funnel Coffee Talk is a mini-series hosted by Jenn Steele, VP of Marketing at Reprise, that features interviews with some of the top sales and marketing leaders within B2B. Join us as our guests talk about how the industry is changing, what they've done to keep up, and how they've learned to caffeinate their full funnel.