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Reprise is Partnering with Women in Sales

One of the things I love most about working at Reprise is our serious, ongoing commitment to increasing diversity in sales and presales. And that’s why I’m so excited to announce an exciting announcement between Reprise + Women Sales Pros!

Women Sales Pros is the virtual community championing more women in sales and sales leadership in companies with typically male-majority sales teams – including SaaS and tech. They host live events around the country to show women what a great role professional sales can be, and they help companies learn where to find, how to hire, and ways to retain top female reps.

And all this great work is sorely needed. 

Women are half of the college-educated workforce, but sales hasn’t caught up – especially our industry. They hold less than ⅓ of B2B sales jobs as of 2019. And the gap gets worse as you go higher up the ladder: statistics show that women sales leaders represent 15-18% of sales leaders VP level and above.

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the upcoming She Sells Leadership Summit later this year. The She Sells Summit brings together all of the prominent women in sales communities to collaborate, grow visibility for the creation of more inclusive sales teams, network, and share ideas that grow revenue.

And we’re also sponsoring the Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast! This podcast features women in sales and sales leadership to inspire and teach about the amazing opportunity for more women in B2B sales.

I’ve been friends with Women Sales Pros CEO Lori Richardson for nearly a decade. Lori’s coached countless sales organizations to become wildly successful. 

Now we are on a mission together to inspire women to take on sales roles, educate, and become the leaders of the present and future!

Stay tuned for more updates!