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User Experience is a Top Priority in PLG

In this clip from episode 7 of Full-Funnel Coffee Talk, we chat with Nate Broome, VP of SMB Sales at Outreach.

Nate explains that with the intense competition in B2B sales and marketing tech, the user experience needs to be a top priority with a PLG motion.

In most cases, especially in the SMB world, companies are working with limited dollars. This means that whatever product a company spends its money on, it needs to be efficient, effective, and have widespread adoption by their user base. Because of this, the product needs to be sticky and intuitive and has to solve day-to-day pains. These are the same traits your product needs to have if you want to be product-led because the buyer will be interacting with your product before a sales rep comes into the picture.


Full-Funnel Coffee Talk is a mini-series hosted by Jenn Steele, VP of Marketing at Reprise, featuring interviews with some of the top sales and marketing leaders within B2B. Join us as our guests talk about how the industry is changing, what they've done to keep up, and how they've learned to caffeinate their full funnel.