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How are Reprise customers winning with guided demos?


Every product has a story to tell. Jenn Steele shares how customers at Reprise are winning with guided demos. - Increased their product engagement by 5X


Prospects who saw the guided demo then engaged with their actual product at 5x the rate of people who didn't see a guided demo.


Pendo - Anybody who saw a guided demo converted at 2-3x the rate of people who did not see a guided demo.


When describing their free product, Pendo CEO Joe Chernov expresses that anybody who sees a guided demo of their free product becomes a better user of their free product.


💡 The takeaway: Self-guided demos belong on your website even if you have a free trial or freemium offering. We need to stop thinking "people could just log in and use the free product" because it turns out that seeing a guided demo makes people much more engaged with the product and more likely to become a successful user.