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Product Led Growth Strategy for Enterprise SaaS


Product-Led Growth for Enterprise 🧐

Is it possible?

What we know is, buyer behavior has changed, and organizations must adapt to meet their growing needs.

Buyers want to touch and feel your products earlier in the sales cycle.

And oftentimes, before ever interacting with your sales team.

Product-led growth motions (like free trials and freemium options) have been around for years.

But how do enterprise companies implement PLG when they have:

💰  Large annual contract values (ACVs)
🧠  Complex products
👥  And sales teams?

Listen in as Alexa Grabell, Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus, and Jorge Soto, Director of Community at Reprise, as they discuss insights into what PLG means to the enterprise.


✅ Why and how the enterprise should consider PLG motions
✅ Sales and Product alignment and who owns PLG
✅ What you should consider: Freemium, Free Trials, Interactive Product Demos?
✅ The 101 of PQL's
✅ And more