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Breaking Down B2B PLG with Tech CEOs

Five Questions about B2B PLG. Two Tech CEOs. Two Minutes per Question. Join CEOs Matt Darrow of Vivun & Bryan Stevenson of Reprise for a new off-the-cuff style conversation for 5 burning questions about B2B PLG.

With tech startups transforming into billion-dollar unicorns seemingly overnight, people are trying to capture the “special sauce” that is the catalyst for the exponential success of these companies. For B2B enterprises like Slack, Asana, Dropbox, and Snowflake, professionals quickly turn to PLG as an explanation for the wild expansion of these organizations.

Questions Asked

  1. How has PLG influenced Big Tech in the past five years?

  2. What are companies getting wrong about PLG?

  3. Will PLG make sales departments obsolete? 

  4. Are today's buyers completely self-sufficient?

  5. What companies do you think are doing PLG well?