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Meet the Reprise Integrated Demo Creation Platform + Reprise Reveal™

Today, Reprise is proud to launch the first fully integrated, interactive demo creation platform. What’s different about Reprise? We’ve built the only solution for the entire go-to-market (GTM) demo lifecycle. It’s easy to use and extensible for all types of demo creators, from product marketers, to solutions engineers, to account executives. As a part of this new platform, we’re also introducing an exciting new product: Reprise Reveal™.

Let’s dive in to learn more about the platform and how each of our products work together to meet the needs of every enterprise demo builder. 

The making of an extensible demo creation platform

Product demos on a company’s website are one of the first resources buyers use during their evaluation process. According to Gartner, modern buyers only spend 17% of their time meeting with suppliers, and highly value when companies provide information up front to navigate their purchase.

Once the prospect reaches sales, demos become a critical tool in accelerating the buying cycle even further. Sales account executives and solution engineers leverage demos to tell detailed stories, showcasing how products meet prospects’ specific pain points.

Here’s the rub: Sales teams spend far too much time creating demos. According to our recent State of the Sales Demo Landscape Report, every week, 39% of reps spend 5-10+ hours, while 44% spend 2-5 hours preparing demos. Cumbersome, unstable demo environments weren’t meant for the needs of the 21st century GTM lifecycle. 

That’s why Reprise created one platform made up of three, integrated products to serve many different needs, including:

  • Reprise Reveal™ : easy customization of live demos by presales and sales teams for a first call
  • Reprise Replay™ : creation of interactive product tours and live demos by marketing and presales teams
  • Reprise Replicate™ : cloning of a full application to create a reusable, interactive demo sandbox

The Reprise platform was created for every enterprise GTM team — from marketers, to presales, to sales, to customer success teams. Each individual Reprise product works together via an extensible architecture. From the initial product tour, to the first sales call, to technical demos, demo sandboxes, PoCs and interactive product leave-behinds — with Reprise, your team can create, share and customize demos for the entire buying cycle. 

The goal is to make it easy to start with Reprise, and provide the flexibility, extensibility, scale and security for hundreds or thousands of enterprise users across multiple use cases. 

Empowering presales and sales teams to demo on-demand

The newest addition to the Reprise Platform, Reprise Reveal, is all about simplicity for presales and sales reps. Using Reprise Reveal, AEs, SEs and SAs can customize content in their live applications on-demand, with no code required. 

Reprise Reveal runs on top of an existing environment for live demo use cases, with capabilities to modify text, PII, images, charts, or other design elements to craft the ideal demo story in just a few clicks — without the typical time and effort that goes into preparing a demo environment. Making changes is as simple as clicking on the text, image or element you’d like to replace. Shared asset libraries make it easy to reuse images across multiple demos. And, demos can be shared across an account, allowing team members to build a base demo that can be easily customized by others. Advanced library functionality allows teams to organize demos into folders, as well as tag them for quick future reference.

The magic is that Reprise Reveal also works seamlessly with other platform products like Reprise Replay. For example, SEs can build a demo that shows an integration of two products with Replay, customize that demo with Reveal to share live on a call with a prospect, and finally circulate  it as a leave-behind after the meeting.

One demo creation platform for every GTM need

The key takeaway from our new launch? Reprise is the one platform for every enterprise GTM need — from self-service product-led growth (PLG) tactics to the high-touch enterprise sales interactions that close the deal. Every Reprise product works seamlessly with others in the platform, making it possible to infinitely customize your demos for every need, without the toil. Enterprises can rest assured with our multi-layered security program that’s SOC 2, Type 2 compliant, role-based access control, and enterprise scalability for a safe and flawless end user experience.

Our ultimate goal is to help you accelerate the sales cycle and empower your team members to show off your best product stories — at every buying stage.

Want to take the new Reprise platform for a spin? Get the demo