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Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance

Your Reliable Security Partner
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SOC 2® Type 2

Protect Your Customer Data

Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or disclosure with enterprise-grade security. Reprise combines multiple layers into a comprehensive information security program that is SOC 2® Type 2 certified. Reprise is unique in that we are the only demo creation platform that offers our SOC 3 report on our website; you can download the Report to send to your Security team.


Access Controls

Reprise provides highly customizable Role-based Access Control (RBAC) configurations for admins, making it easy to create roles that align with your employees’ positions. Manage and control the privileges of every feature in Reprise so you have the security and convenience of every employee having access to ONLY those features that they need to do their jobs.

CDN Publishing

Enterprise Scale

Reprise uses a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute published content, ensuring a consistent end user experience globally.  When publishing a demo, you can be confident that experience will be available for ALL your prospects and customers, at any scale!

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We empower enterprise presales, sales, and marketing teams to create winning demos.

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