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Reprise Reveal™

Be Demo-Ready in Minutes

Reveal works seamlessly with your existing environment or alongside Replay and Replicate to enable deep customization of your demos on demand.
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How It Works


Open the Reveal extension and your existing demo or environment.

Customize On-Page

Replace data, images, logos, and text, and data. Bulk apply changes to your whole demo environment. Restore demo to its original state with the click of a button

Save & Share

Save edits as reusable templates and share with your team.

Create Verticalized, Customized Demos in Minutes

Free your SEs from endless hours of demo creation. Reveal lets you create and templatize overlays that can be applied to your existing demo environment or any Reprise demo with just a click, giving sales teams an on-demand library of personalized demos for each product, use case, vertical, and more.

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Show Product Value From the First Interaction

Enable sales teams to give successful demos at any point in the buyer journey, even when SEs aren’t on the call.

Demo Your Real, Authentic Product

Reveal can sit on top of your trusted demo environment or live application for the most authentic product experience. With a Reveal demo, reps can click anywhere—your native product just works.

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“Reprise helps avoid situations where I need to use technical resources' valuable time on live product demonstrations.”

Bill GEnterprise

Enable Seamless Collaboration Between SE and Sales

Arm your sellers with a library of demo templates built in Replay or Replicate, then give them the tools to perform the final touch customizations for every call.

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Demo collaboration


Extension-Based Editor
  • Works with browser-based demo environments
  • Works with Reprise Replay and Replicate demos
Fast Demo Customization
  • On-page editing
  • Change images, data, and text
  • Global replacement rules and find-and-replace
Shareable Demo Templates
  • Save and share demos as templates
  • One-click access of demo templates
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Shared image library
Enterprise Security & Compliance
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliance
  • Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA


Reduction in SE hours spent on demo creation


Increase in demo capacity

Ready to build better demos?

We empower enterprise presales, sales, and marketing teams to create winning demos.

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