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Powerful Insights

Optimize your product experiences based on viewer activity and behavior
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Aggregate Analytics

View Your Demo Performance

Leverage powerful analytics to get a bird’s eye view into your demo activity. Reprise provides an easy-to-use analytics dashboard with key metrics, such as total number of views per demo and time spent on each demo.

Session Analytics

Get Insights into Individual User Activity

Zoom in to get visibility into individual session data. You have the ability to view individual user activity, which screens they viewed, how long they spent on each screen, and where they dropped off of the demo. When you create a custom sharing link to send to your prospects, you will also get notified when they open it.

Data API

Data, Your Way

Pull data from Reprise into a data warehouse or data lake, then push to another platform to create or update records. You can also trigger and automate sales or marketing actions based on prospect or customer actions.

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