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EvaluAgent's Quality Assurance and Improvement Platform is so robust that it almost needs to be test driven in order to grasp its full potential. With Reprise, the EvaluAgent team launched an entire library of custom, interactive product tours that highlight specific product features. See an example of one of those feature demos below.

About the Company


For over 10 years, EvaluAgent have been helping contact centers across the globe to dramatically improve their Quality Assurance capabilities through their award-winning AI-powered Quality Management and Performance Improvement platform.

How they’re using Reprise:

  • Full library of interactive product tours on their website, each focusing on a different part of the product
  • Promote customer adoption with demos for new feature releases
  • Part of lead nurture series, prompting prospects to book a demo once they’ve reached a certain point in their journey

Highlighted Outcomes:

  • Over 400 visits per month on website product tours
  • Faster sales cycles

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