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Customer Demo


As a company that works with both employers and recruiters to help identify and hire top talent, Relode needed a demo that spoke to each persona directly. See how this product tour helps employers understand the ways in which Relode adds value to their hiring process.

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About the Company

Relode is a referral community that connects the best candidates to top jobs across the country. With a rapidly growing candidate and professional recruiter network, Relode is the realization of what the future of staffing looks like — an online marketplace where professionals refer talent or apply for opportunities themselves.

Employees: 300-750

How they’re using Reprise:

  • Live demos for prospects
  • Interactive leave-behinds for champions and their buying committees
  • Educational tools for their vast network of recruiting partners

Highlighted Outcomes:

  • Accelerated sales process by 50% by shortening time to value for their prospects

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