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Hireology Product Tours Accelerate Sales Cycles by 50%

Customer Story

Hireology Product Tours Accelerate Sales Cycles by 50%

The HR platform provider saw an opportunity to modernize their sales motion. With Reprise product tours, Hireology prospects experience the product first-hand and go-to-market processes are more consistent and efficient.

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The Challenge: Product-led growth

Hireology helps companies build and retain the best teams. Their software, which is purpose-built for organizations spread across multiple locations, helps decentralized teams stay in sync as they increase applicant quality, decrease time to hire and onboard, and nurture employee engagement.

With the rapid rise of product-led growth (PLG) models in recent years, Hireology realized that showcasing their product throughout the buyer journey would enhance the customer experience while improving go-to-market (GTM) efficiencies. Today, they use product tours built on Reprise to tell a consistent, product-led story across the customer journey, leading to 50% faster sales cycles.

Hireology’s Senior Vice President of Revenue worked with the Growth and Product Marketing teams to evaluate product tour solutions that would meet a few key criteria:

  • Ease of use: Those without a technical CSS or html background would need to independently create tours using the chosen solution, since the primary builders would be product marketers.
  • End user experience: The Hireology team wanted their product tours to feel like authentic product experiences, not a series of screenshots strung together.
  • Cost for value: The platform needed to demonstrate sufficient value in terms of pipeline growth and go-to-market efficiencies to outweigh the cost of the solution.

The Solution: Guided tours facilitate PLG flywheel

After researching several interactive demo and product tour platforms, the team selected Reprise, which stood out as being easy to use, yet simple and straightforward to customize. Reprise also offered strong professional education and customer support to help users get over the early learning curve.

Reprise’s CSM-guided onboarding program, including a weekly checklist and themed Best Practice check-ins, along with hands-on training exercises and Certification through Reprise Academy, allows users to learn at their own pace with enough structure and support to ensure their success.

Product tours built with Reprise feel high fidelity while allowing for fine-tuned customization that can be tailored to products in different industries, to highlight specific features, etc. And Reprise’s Hubspot integration ensures that Hireology can regularly measure its impact on sales cycles and GTM process.

The platform was initially chosen to power product tours at the top of funnel, and its use quickly expanded in the form of leave-behind sales enablement assets. The Hireology team has built seven product tours that are featured across their website to showcase different solution sets, and eight additional leave-behind product tours that dive into specific feature sets for key audiences.

Reprise makes it easy for Hireology to quickly update product collateral so that it showcases the latest innovations in a scalable way without relying on long documents or Powerpoint decks with screenshots. This is important for the fast-paced team that’s constantly shipping new features; with Reprise’s ability to publish updates in a single click, the team can make sure their Sales organization is using the latest messaging and product information.

“Strong customer support was key for us in choosing Reprise over other vendors. Our customer success manager has been a great example of what a strong CSM looks like — she is timely in her communication, organized, provides best practices and helpful insights, connects us with the right people when we need more advanced help, and is an overall joy to work with!”

Camilla Blackburn, Growth Manager, Hireology

The Results: Deals utilizing tours close 50% faster

Hireology’s strategy to use product tours to drive growth is working.

  • At the top of the funnel, Hireology uses the product tours on their website to engage prospects with self-service marketing content, allowing them to self-qualify in or out of a sales process early on – without consuming the Sales team’s cycles.
  • Mid-funnel, in addition to presenting live demos, Sales teams share guided product tours as leave-behinds to highlight specific features for different audiences and their unique needs. They extend Hireology’s reach to a broader circle outside of the core buying committee in order to create wider consensus without needing every stakeholder to participate in every live call or demo. And they’re easy to build – Hireology’s eight feature-specific leave-behinds were created within a single month.
  • Across the funnel, every demo makes a bigger impact with consistent delivery and tight messaging.

As a result, Hireology has seen opportunities involving product tours close 50% faster than those where product tours were not utilized.

In one case, Brett Kirhofer, Account Executive, had an opportunity requiring sign-off from the prospect’s VP of Human Resources. After trying to connect with her via calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages to no avail, he sent her two product tours built on Reprise.

She viewed both product tours, within three minutes booked time on his calendar, and the deal closed a few weeks later.

“Sometimes we get one shot with a demo, and following up with the leave behind is a nice way to say, ‘Here’s everything we talked about – you don’t have to read this four-page .pdf, you can look at the product yourself. Play around with it, be interactive, and we can guide you through what you just saw.’ That’s been really nice as a better leave-behind to help our customers make informed decisions.”

Brett Kirkhofer, Account Executive, Hireology

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