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How Outreach Improved Sales Velocity and Time to Value with “Golden Demo”

Outreach needed a better process for delivering demos to prospects early on in the sales process. By leveraging Reprise Replays, they were able to craft a custom, streamlined demo experience and enable their reps to convey the value of the platform in a succinct and efficient manner.

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Time it takes to showcase full value of Outreach with "Golden Demo"

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The Problem

"It was like the Wild, Wild, West."

That’s how David Brudnicki, the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Outreach, described the demo process at the organization. Reps lacked a method for delivering an efficient, standardized demo of Outreach’s Engagement and Intelligence platform, and as a result, they were spending far too much time educating unqualified prospects.

At Outreach, enabling better execution for go-to-market teams is the mission. Their platform helps revenue-generating teams close process gaps through advanced automation, actionable insights, personalized engagement tactics, and more. But even still, Brudnicki saw an area of opportunity to make Outreach’s own process even more effective.

“We realized that there was a big drop-off from people who took our initial demo to those taking next steps with us,” Brudnicki explained. “We weren’t able to convert that initial demo.”

The reason for the bottleneck, according to Brudnicki, was that most of Outreach’s prospects required a lot of education before agreeing to take the next step. That meant sales reps were spending too much time teaching prospects about the problem that Outreach solves, and not enough time focused on identifying whether the software was even a good fit for the prospect at all. And even when it came time to showcase the product, the process was often an arduous one.

“To sit through a full demo of Outreach, it could take me two and a half hours to show you the full suite,” said Brudnicki. And the sales team, he explained, was feeling that pain on a day-to-day basis. How do you take a platform as robust as Outreach and demo it successfully and succinctly in the limited time that a sales call allows?

The Solution

A simplified demo process for sales reps

To address this challenge, Brudnicki took matters into his own hands and used Reprise Replays to craft what is now known at Outreach as the Golden Demo: a 15-minute, succinct demonstration of the full Outreach platform that any team member can deliver to any persona, easily qualifying or disqualifying them for next steps. By using Reprise to create a guided demo experience that touched on all of Outreach’s unique value points, Brudnicki was able to completely standardize the demo flow and talk track for sales reps and remove much of the friction from their day-to-day process.

The Results

Better conversations with more qualified prospects

Since implementing Reprise and making Replays an integral part of the demo delivery process, Outreach has experienced dramatic improvements in sales velocity. “We’ve been able to remove those educational hour-long demos that reps would give ad nauseum where people would just disqualify themselves or fall off after the first meeting,” Brudnicki said. “We’re not learning three calls into the sales process that [a prospect] isn’t the right fit. We’re learning on the first call.

“Without Reprise, I really don’t think we would have been able to get everybody singing off the same sheet of music as quickly as we did.”

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