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Relode Accelerates Sales Cycle by Delivering Quick Time to Value for Prospects

Customer Story

Relode Accelerates Sales Cycle by Delivering Quick Time to Value for Prospects

Relode needed a way to empower their sales team to have better conversations with their prospects. By using Reprise to facilitate live sales demos and generate interactive leave-behinds for champions, they were able to accelerate their sales process by 50%.

Use Cases
300-750 employees
Staffing & Recruiting



improvement in sales velocity

Shortened time to value for prospects

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The Problem

Differentiation in a crowded industry

Like any growing company, Relode needed a better way to help their sales team differentiate themselves from the competition. In the staffing and recruiting industry, where the solutions available to recruit great talent are seemingly endless, that challenge is especially magnified. 

Attracting and hiring a skilled workforce has similarly never been more imperative, complicated, or competitive. Workers themselves have more opportunities than ever before, and if companies don’t utilize the best tools available to recruit and hire a talented workforce, they’ll fall behind. 

As the largest crowdsourced recruiting marketplace, Relode helps employers and recruiters bridge that gap by connecting them with top talent on demand. Their intelligent, agile platform makes it easy to share open jobs, access a wide network of job-seekers, and get matched with qualified, interview-ready candidates.

But having a groundbreaking piece of technology isn’t always enough to break through. 

“You’re competing against inertia,” said Head of Sales and Customer Success at Relode, Vinnie Cholewa. “There are so many different ways that organizations find people. You’re competing against referrals, job boards, and sourcing tools like LinkedIn or Gem. It’s a very fragmented space with a lot of different options.” And although Relode is an extremely valuable complement to all of these legacy tools, proving it to prospects is still a tall hurdle to clear.

To address that challenge, Relode sought a way to help their sales team convey value to prospective buyers in a concise, repeatable way. 

The Solution

Structured, streamlined, consistent demos

By leveraging Reprise’s demo creation platform, Relode empowered their sales team to lead with their most valuable asset: their product.

“Having a structured and streamlined way to deliver consistent demos, enrich our marketing, and improve our customer- and prospect-facing appearances are the reasons we chose Reprise,” Cholewa said. “It makes telling your story to your customers and prospects easier.”

Since becoming a Reprise customer, Relode has been using Reprise in a variety of contexts, including on live demos, for interactive leave-behinds, and as educational tools for their vast network of recruiting partners. 

“We have a couple of different variations geared toward different parts of the journey. But it all comes back to the same idea. If someone wants to visualize Relode, having something interactive that they can click through is better context than a flat file,” Cholewa said. 

“I was pleasantly surprised with how simple it was,” added Tonya Truelove, Director of Partnerships and Alliances at Relode.

The Results

An accelerated sales process

Since launching Reprise for their sales team, Relode has dramatically improved time-to-value for their prospects. In turn, they’ve also seen material benefits to the length of their average sales cycle.

“We can accelerate our sales process by about 50%,” Cholewa explained. “We can get interested prospects on the hook faster because they’ve already been able to visualize our product.”

By using Reprise to deliver value quickly and concisely to their prospects, Relode has already addressed a rapidly-growing trend in the new reality of B2B SaaS buying processes. 

“With every conversation becoming fewer and further between, and buyers becoming more in control of their journey, differentiation and experience are key,” Cholewa explained. “With Reprise, you can control that experience infinitely better than with whatever traditional means you’ve deployed through your sales force.”

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