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For the few decades the profession has been around, solutions engineers have been tasked with building demos. You have plenty of other responsibilities on your plate, of course – troubleshooting for your AEs, developing product knowledge, learning new tools and technology, etc. – but mostly, you create demos to help sell your product to prospects. 


So… why do you need a demo creation platform to help you do your job? You probably already have a demo environment and a whole system for updating it, maintaining it, and making demos.


You may think that adding another platform could make things more complicated or make things so easy that a demo solution could replace you (hint: it won’t).


Not so fast! There are good reasons why a demo creation platform can remove your daily pain points and help you become an even more incredible SE. 


What a Demo Creation Platform Can Do 


Let’s be real; making demos is time-consuming, even in the best environments. You need to ensure the demo environment is updated if you use one or check for any new bugs in the live environment if you demo there.


Did the product team update something over the weekend, and did you have a demo first thing Monday morning? Good luck out there. I hope nothing broke or changed or isn’t live quite yet! 


What about this scenario:


“Since our AEs and SEs are demoing out of a shared portal, we are constantly tripping over each other when doing a live demo, and it throws off the groove.” 


Nod your head if this has happened to you. If I were a betting man, I’d bet it has. 


Using a shared portal for a demo environment is not optimal because reps make changes as they demo, which can negatively affect ongoing and future demo experiences. 


It takes time, a lot of effort, and a ton of knowledge to juggle all of these demo needs. That’s why SEs are in such high demand right now, and your to-do list isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 


But raise a glass because it doesn’t need to be this way anymore!


Thanks to the rise of demo creation platforms, SEs can quickly create hyper-personalized custom demos in minutes. With Reprise, you can clone your real product experience in a safe sandbox with just a few clicks—capturing your entire app with everything connected and ready to go. No code needed. 


You can also create a screen capture to show the perfect product story (yep, even if parts aren’t in production yet!). You can show prospects a demo that looks, feels, and acts exactly like your product without having to show confidential data or maintain a demo environment. 


Most SEs got into the field because they love solving problems and getting creative with demos, and these platforms enable that. Plus, they give you the time to make more personalized demos for more people. 


Why You Need Reprise 


But not all demo creation platforms are created equally. It’s still such a new software category that the players in the field all have varying capabilities. As SEs know well, there’s no one kind of demo you’re creating – they vary, and you need the ability to tackle all of them. 


Only Reprise can do both live simulation and self-guided “product tour demos.” Every other solution in the market does just one of these two products. This is problematic because sales and marketing teams often share assets, so picking a solution that only does one is limiting and not efficient.


The product demonstration is the most critical piece of the sales process, and you need to be able to create custom demos at scale to accomodate today’s B2B buyer. 


But don’t take my word for it – listen to Paul Vidal, our head of customer success (and former head of solutions engineering), talk about why you need to try Reprise. 


Want to see what Reprise can do for you, with no commitment or credit card required? Try it for free and let your creativity flow!