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Demo Diaries: Ep 031 | “The Future Of Product-Led Growth & B2B Sales Process”

: In this episode, I interview my good friend, social media star, and sales influencer Jake Dunlap! Jake’s been in the B2B sales space for over a decade and has seen many trends come and go.

Check out his predictions for the future of product-led growth and how we will buy and sell within B2B moving forward.

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Sales Reps Have To Be Experts Of The Product/Service More Than Ever

Virtual Happy Hour AKA “Mandatory Fun”

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Today’s buyers demand value-driven interactions. Skaled supports an organization’s need to meet those demands using our unique approach that combines modern sales strategy, intentional digital presence, and quality execution.

Their proven methodology is designed to accelerate sales impact, helping organizations achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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— Demo Diaries is hosted by Reprise’s own Jorge L Soto and focuses on interviewing top sales, marketing, and customer success leaders around demo best practices and related topics.

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