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Demo Diaries: Ep 041 | “Interactive Demos Are Key. No More Lecturing”

: In this episode, our host Jorge L Soto interviews Joachim Van Erps, Sales & AM EMEA @ Miro | Pavilion (former Revenue Collection) Chapter Head.

Joachim covers topics ranging from sales rep training to international sales! I found his research to be quite interesting in that 46% of revenue leaders didn’t know the difference between sales training, sales enablement, and sales readiness!

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Lighten Up The Sales Call

The 3 Levels of Preparing Sales Reps


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With more than 20M + users (and 95%+ of the Fortune 100), Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects, from designing new products and services to facilitating agile ceremonies.

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— Demo Diaries focuses on interviewing top sales, marketing, and customer success leaders around demo best practices and related topics.