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Demo Diaries: Ep 053 | “Sales is More Than a Transaction, It’s a Solution & Transfer of Excitement”

🎙: In this episode, I interview Carole Mahoney, Founder and Chief Sales Coach at Unbound Growth.

Carole takes a cognitive-behavioral approach to sales coaching which focused on the human being.

I loved this conversation with my friendCarole, who digs into topics like mental health that has been traditionally taboo, especially in sales.


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— Company Overview

Predictable hiring programs, #salesperformancetraining, and #coaching that is science-based & field-tested. Less than half of salespeople meet quota despite investments in sales technology and training. Even meeting quota is often not enough due to customer churn.

If technology and training alone is not the answer, and selling more is not enough – how do you increase revenue? The road to growth requires raising performance levels across the sales team for predictable quota attainment and customer retention.

Unbound Growth, a scientific sales development firm, eliminates the guesswork of how to hire the right salespeople and develop superhero sales teams using a using a cognitive-behavioral approach that is driven by data that delivers predictable revenue.


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