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Demo Diaries: Ep 059 | “Empowering the Next Generation in Sales”

: In this episode, I interview Alexine Mudawar, Strategic Account Executive at Alyce.

Alexine is one of the top sales professionals in SaaS. She/s also a thought leader, podcast, host, and Linkedin influencer.

In this chat, she gives us advice on how to take our game to the next level. We also address the lack of women and sales and what we can do about it.

This is a must-listen/watch episode for all account executives looking to step up their game to the next level!

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— Company Overview

Alyce is the AI-powered B2B gifting platform that’s redefining direct mail, swag and gifts with its scalable, sustainable, hyper-personalized approach to account-based marketing.

Alyce builds real, personal relationships that deliver up to twice the named account penetration and drives 5x pipeline versus traditional approaches. Alyce makes B2B gift-giving simple, effective and measurable.

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— Demo Diaries focuses on interviewing top sales, marketing, and customer success leaders around demo best practices and related topics.