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Reprise Announces Addition of Live Demo Product to Sales Suite

New product allows instant multi-screen capture for seamless, customized live demos

Reprise, the category-leading demo platform, today announced the addition of its Live Demo product to the sales suite. The industry’s best Live Demo technology allows exact replication of an existing application without engineering effort.

The Reprise Live Demo product captures the entire user experience in an application with just a few clicks. This capture retains all interactivity – including any charts, tooltips, or other native components – from the original application so sales teams can use it as a demo environment without fear of instability. Sales teams can also quickly verticalize or customize a demo by individually or globally changing data and names as needed for a prospect.

“We have found that sales teams have two categories of demo needs: to demo their product live on a call, and to enable champions by sharing a demo asset with a prospect when not on a call,” said Sam Clemens, co-founder and co-CEO of Reprise. “With the addition of the Live Demo product to our suite, only the Reprise demo platform can deliver on both needs for sales teams.”

“Reprise is critical sales infrastructure for us,” said Randy DeHaan, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Chorus – ZoomInfo. “With Reprise we can demo our product at its best and most relevant on every single call.”

“With the Live Demo product, you can quickly build a reliable and robust live demo experience, helping you nail your talk track,” added Bryan Stevenson, co-founder and co-CEO of Reprise. “With this addition, we’re excited that our customers using both products have nearly unlimited options to create exactly the product experiences their sales and marketing teams need.”

Reprise has expanded rapidly since its founding in 2020, with over 1000% year-over-year ARR and team growth. Customers like ZoomInfo, Outreach, Silicon Valley Bank, and Cloudera rely on Reprise for their demo and product experiences.