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Reprise Gets a Gartner Mention!

It’s been a wild and exciting ride here at Reprise in the last few months. (Really since I joined, but recently it’s been even more thrilling!) 

A few months ago, Gartner mentioned Reprise in an article about sales tech mayhem, specifically in the product/demo experience space. 

They identified us as one of the companies in an emerging category – so new it doesn’t even have a definitive name yet. That’s exciting for many reasons, because as a startup you always want to be at the forefront of a totally new category. 

Basically, Gartner took a look at us and our competitors and noted that VCs are really interested in this product and demo experience space. They determined this space is actually new, something growing by leaps and bounds, and then they shouted out Reprise as one of the new companies they’re looking at. 

Exciting stuff! 

Why Gartner is Excited About Reprise 

One of the most surprising things about our emerging category is that it’s almost a no-brainer. When Jenn looked at it for the first time, in fact, she wondered where was all this tech in 2018 when she needed it for conferences. 

So many people in sales and marketing and presales and demo engineering tell us “omg, it’s a lightweight experience of my entire platform and I can get rid of the crap – what’s not to love?” And let’s be real – engineering is thrilled to get rid of our demands too. 

This feels like a no brainer but is only just starting to happen. Getting that pull and excitement is rare because most tech categories are crowded. This is not just another take on something that’s been done well. For Gartner to say this is new, different, and exciting is a big deal.

Our platform feeds into how business decision makers want to see and touch and feel products before they talk to a human (like Jenn does). It feeds right into what upcoming generations of leaders want. 

The Product-Led Growth Movement 

What’s hilarious is Reprise is a huge advocate for product-led growth – but we didn’t have a freemium model or free trial (until now!) We were the platform for product-led growth – but we weren’t product-led. 

There’s a good reason for that. We have a pretty advanced product with advanced features if you want to make customizations and a pixel-perfect rendition. It’s not the most self-explanatory. This is a reason why lots of enterprises haven’t gone product-led yet, in fact. 

But Reprise makes it possible because we can do a simplified version of your product if you need it. 

  • We can do step-by-step guides so people don’t get lost when they’re starting your free trial. 
  • We can do front-end experiences to emulate integration without needing a fully integrated free trial, which is really hard to do when you have complex things or privacy restrictions. 

This is all part of why Gartner took a look at us: they talked to enterprise companies who feel they can’t do PLG because they have complex products, but now with tech like Reprise they find they can. And that’s a game changer. 

One of the major downsides of the typical free trial is that once you sign up, the user is put into an empty box and they struggle to figure out what it really looks like the value it offers, because they’re trying to make a decision. But with platforms like Reprise, you can have a fully baked first experience with the product – go in there and get either a robust user experience or a quick harbor tour, depending on your needs. 

Shoutout to Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb for the great article!

And you can watch Jenn and I break down the mention here: