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Reprise releases new offline demo feature for anytime, anywhere demos

At Reprise, we’re all about empowering go-to-market teams with technology they need to demo on demand, at scale, wherever they may be. That’s why today, we’re announcing the availability of offline demos in our Reprise Replay™ product. Using offline demos, you can demo reliably and consistently — without having to worry about things like spotty wifi connectivity or unpredictable loading times. It’s perfect for events and tradeshows, or any situation where offline access gives you the confidence to demo without interruptions.

As one of our most requested features for Reprise Replay, offline demos are in-demand for our users who want the consistency and reliability of anytime, anywhere demos. With an offline demo, you can trust that your demo will be ready when you need it, so you can focus fully on your pitch. Capture, craft, and publish your demo in Reprise Replay. Then, simply download Reprise Replay’s offline demo player in your desired operating system, and you’ll be ready to download any published Replay demo to your local device to use on demo day.

Here’s how you can use offline demos

With Reprise offline demos, presales, sales and marketing teams can demo on the go, without having to worry about internet connectivity. As a result, you can maximize every opportunity — increasing conversion rates and improving customer satisfaction by delivering a seamless experience every time.

Reprise customers have used offline demos for a wide variety of use cases. For example, one Fortune 500 technology company uses Replay demos to support running 200 concurrent demos at its annual, global trade show. Offline demo options are perfect for conferences, where event team members and sales staff need to be able to confidently demo without interruptions.

In addition, companies in highly regulated industries or with strict compliance requirements can use offline demos to ensure demo security, stability and reliability. Offline demos offer a reliable alternative to network-based demos. Use offline demos in any situation where you need the consistency of seamless, professional demos every time. With Reprise Replay, you can even create a library of offline demos accessible to your team members who need them, on-demand.

Get offline demos from Reprise today!

Existing Reprise Replay customers using the latest version can either upload their demos to the offline demo player or host their own downloaded demos to start using this new capability right away. Get ready for reliable, always-on demos you can use anywhere — whether you’re on an airplane seated by your next prospect, or at an event with thousands of attendees. Never miss an opportunity to close your next deal! See a demo of Reprise Replay.