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The Product-Led Revenue Show, EP 05 | “Product-Led Funnels Drive Expansions & Insights In New Ways”

🎙: In this episode, our host Jorge L Soto interviews Seattle’s finest B2B marketing guru Dave Rigotti, who’s Co-founder and CEO at He’s also the Founder of the ProductLed.Marketing community.

Dave’s been a the forefront of B2B marketing software for over a decade. He’s helped build startups like Bizible which was acquired by Marketo, which was thenacquired by Adobe. Before Bizible, Dave spent a few years in marketing at Microsoft.

In this discussion, Dave breaks down product-led growth, marketing innovation, account-based marketing, and more!


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Inflection is a stealth mode startup building B2B marketing technology for product-led companies.

They are private about what they are building, but based on their past success and experience at Bizible and Marketo we’re keeping a close eye on this one.

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— 💻 The Product-Led Revenue Show is a podcast focused on highlighting technology’s top marketers, revenue, and product leaders, who share best practices around product-led growth and b2b marketing!

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