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The Product-Led Revenue Show, EP 06 | “Maintaining Product-Led Culture With Millions Of Users”

🎙: In this episode, our host Jorge L Soto interviews Oakland, CA’s Sai Hossain, Founder & CEO at Sai was focused on building a product-led growth business from day one.

He stayed true to his vision despite the temptations to go sales-led and it’s paid off in the millions of users!

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Leverage Micro-Content To Turn Your Users Into Marketers For Your Brand

Focusing On Being Fun and Innovative Benefits The Enterprise Long Term

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Finding the perfect webinar platform can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You need a platform that’s private, interactive, supports webinars, and has multistreaming capabilities to reach any size audience on your terms. So far, your options have either been using clunky webinar software or free platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

Except those platforms aren’t designed for you or your audience. Social media livestreams aren’t designed for businesses Social media platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live allow you to broadcast your video but are limited in other areas.

You can’t collect attendees’ contact info, get advanced analytics, or bring up attendees on the fly. And one swift change in their algorithm can cut off your reach to your audience. Do you want social media platforms to control the relationship between you and your audience? Webinars aren’t designed for creators Webinar platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting were built for corporations, not creators.

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