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The Product-Led Revenue Show, EP 08 | “Times Are Changing. The Dot Com Bubble Was 20 Years Ago”

🎙: In this episode, our host Jorge L Soto interviews Thomas Shields, who’s Product Marketing Lead at Mural.

This Duke University Business School alumnus has been in product marketing leadership at some of the most innovative SaaS companies for almost a decade. He’s worked at category creators like Terminus and continues to move the needle now at Mural.

In this conversation,Thomas shares his insights around what product-led growth is, why it’s so hot right now, and how to align PLG with sales!


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— Company Overview

MURAL is the leading provider of digital workspaces for guided visual collaboration. Different from online whiteboarding and design software, the MURAL® platform transforms teamwork by making meetings and workshops interactive experiences that are designed for problem-solving, play, and imagination.

Teams in product, consulting, leadership, innovation, technology, and sales and customer success, among others, innovate, strategize, plan, and reflect using MURAL’s visual thinking canvas.

The platform provides hundreds of visual methods, or templates, as well as Facilitation Superpowers™ features to guide teams through especially complex, difficult teamwork.

Tens of thousands of teams at companies such as IBM, Intuit, Facebook, Publicis Sapient, USAA, SAP, Thoughtworks, and Atlassian, as well as MURAL’s other customers, use the platform to foster inclusive, imaginative teamwork and turn shared ideas into a shared reality—at any time and from anywhere.

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