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The Reprise Revenue Leadership Mini-Series, Ep 02 | Nancy Nardin, Founder at Smart Selling Tools

📺: In this episode of our Reprise Revenue Leadership Mini-Series, we interview one of the world’s leading sales technology experts, Nancy Nardin, who’s Founder at Smart Selling Tools Inc.

Nancy explains the trends that she is seeing in the SaaS SalesTech ecosystem and gives insights around what emerging tech will move the needle for your revenue team.


Check out her take on the emergence of product-led growth, its influence on today’s buyers, and what seems to be the formation of the technical sales cloud!

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“I Don’t Want To Speak With Sales, I Want To Try The Product’ – A Lot Of Customers

New SaaS Category!!! Technical Sales Cloud


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Smart Selling Tools provide free resources to learn about SalesTech. Find the best sales software for your enterprise organization.

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— The Reprise Revenue Leadership Mini-Series is focused on interviewing top revenue leaders within the technology space in order to share insights that help others win!